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AS PROMISED here is the new contest:

THE PIECES I uncovered for Foolish People’s Virulent Experience event - known as THE MUMA LETTERS, seen above - have come back to me, after disappearing in transit for several months. Since Virulent Experience has long since finished, I’ll be giving the pieces away to the winner of the contest. 

TO ENTER, send me a picture of a sigil. At the end of the contest, I will randomly select one entrant and ship the pieces. Afterwards, I’ll make a new drawing made up of all of the sigils. And then maybe give that one away too, not sure yet there. You can send them to my ask box, or message them to me on facebook, or on twitter at @louddetective, or via email, at louddetective at gmail dot com, or leave them in response on my facebook art page,

NOW, unfortunately, I can only ship the prize within the United States. I already lost the dang thing for four months trying to get it to the UK, I don’t want to risk that again. Plus, shipping is a bit much, as the box contains four framed 8.5x11” pieces, and one smaller piece, also framed (I think around 3x5” but I haven’t opened the box since it came back).

HOWEVER even if you are not located within the U.S. you are encouraged to submit a sigil for use in the composite machine I will make later. 

THE CONTEST will be open until, oh, let’s say the 22nd. Then I can pick a winner from all of us who make it through timewave zero or whatever.


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